Tea for Cold Months

Delco Foods’ ever-expanding beverage line now includes hot tea from Mighty Leaf Tea. Elevate your customers’ tea experience, and exceed their expectations to a level that redefines the meaning of tea. Mighty Leaf’s signature whole leaf blends come wrapped in their handcrafted, silken and award-winning biodegradable Tea Pouches™. Originally designed in 1996, these specially crafted Tea Pouches™ filled with whole tea leaves, chunks of fruit, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags, are stitched with unbleached cotton and are without glue or staples. Mighty Leaf Tea offers a superior alternative to the more labor intensive loose tea preparation, translating to an unsurpassed tea experience.

Organic Breakfast… A robust wide-awake blend of organic premium black tea leaves.

Organic Earl GrayGold-tipped buds of rich organic black tea leaves with a twist of citrusy notes of organic bergamot.

Bombay Chai A melange of spicy notes conjures the steamy, aromatic delights of an Indian street market.

Vanilla Bean… A deep blend of black tea leaves with Madagascar vanilla beans.

Organic Spring Jasmine Take in the aroma of intoxicating Arabian Jasmine blossoms that scent these smooth green tea leaves.

Organic Green Dragon… Delicately pan-fired, these smooth highest-grade China Longjing green tea leaves brew a nutty and buttery cup.

Green Tea Tropical… Smooth green tea leaves blend with sweet tropical fruits that is antioxidant rich.

Marrakesh Mint Green Tea… Refreshing green tea is brightened with peppermint cultivated on a mountain in Tiznit.

Organic African Nectar… African Rooibos leaves teeming with tropical fruit and blossoms.

Chamomile Citrus… Soothing Egyptian chamomile flowers with subtle slices of fruit.

Organic Mint Melange… The finest organic mint leaves from the Middle Atlas mountain range in Morocco. A well-rounded infusion with sweet, lingering notes.

Ask your Delco Sales Representative about our new line of exciting beverage options.


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