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In the US, the typical mozzarella cheese pizza is still the undisputed champion of the pizza world.  This pizza will satisfy roughly 70-90 percent of all the pizza consumers that walk through your doors given your location, but there are the occasional few that are constantly searching for new tastes, bolder flavors, and extra kick.  One way to add some extra flare and some intense flavors to your menu-mix is to add some specialty cheeses.

Artisan cheeses add a real gourmet feel to any pizza, and can boost an average menu-mix into something extraordinary.  Specialty cheese can be used on top of your normal cheese mix, or stand alone, giving a typical crust and sauce a bold new flavor.  Following is a list of cheeses that you might want to consider picking up, and some creative ways of using them.  Your Delco Foods Sales Representative can also guide you on the most popular additions in your city.

Fresh Mozzarella – Fresh Mozzarella has a fresh, milky flavor and creamy texture that is great on pizza.  Make Italian style Fresh Mozzarella pizza by using thin slices laid out on the pie like you would pepperoni.  Thin strip basil and garlic to top, and you have yourself an artisan pizza that will make customers feel like they are sitting in a café in Rome.  Use loaf Fresh Mozzarella to avoid the pizza becoming too watery.

Ricotta – An excellent choice for added flavor; Ricotta can be used in pizza, pasta dishes, and even some desserts.  Smooth Ricotta has a great texture, and is perfect for adding spoonfuls on the top your pizza, or mix with Mascarpone for a perfect, creamy combination.

FetaGreek pizza will always be a great seller.  Combine Feta crumbles with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and kalamata olives for a taste of the Greek Isles.

Brie – Most customers will recognize the name Brie cheese, giving any pizza with a helping of Brie a selling advantage.  Put a few slices of Brie on your pie after it comes out of the oven to give a nice melt, and creamy texture.

Goat Cheese (Chevre) – Creamy Goat Cheese isn’t as intense as Feta, it works great on fruit pizza for a starter or dessert.  Make sure you test run this cheese in your oven as it does burn easily.

Although these cheeses are a little bit more expensive by weight, you won’t be adding enough to the pie to make a serious dent in your wallet.  These cheese have such strong flavors that you won’t need to add mass quantities to your dish, and can even charge extra for the gourmet quality of the cheese.  Talk to your Delco Sales Representative for specialty cheese options and recipe ideas.

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