Sauce: Tips for a Richer, Sweeter Pizza Sauce

From time to time, we get requests from pizzeria operators asking how to reduce the tartness of their pizza sauce without developing a scorching problem.  We’re also asked how to add something a little different to the flavor of the sauce.  Aside from adding sugar to the sauce recipe, the sweetness can also be increased by the addition of finely ground baby carrots.  Baby carrots add a level of sweetness to the sauce without imparting any flavor of their own.  Using carrots by themselves, as well as in combination with sugar, is a great way to tone down the tartness and add a little sweetness to pizza sauce.

Another trick that we’ve come to learn over the years, is to add powdered Parmesan and Romano cheese to the sauce.  This doesn’t really increase the sweetness, but it does make for a smoother tasting sauce and, in my opinion, a great background flavor.  Most people who have tasted this sauce have commented on its “mellow and rich” flavor.  The amount of cheese that you might want to add to a sauce will vary with different types, grades, and brands of tomato products.  The most common of these to use is 16 oz of powdered Parmesan and 6 oz of powdered Romano cheese for every twelve #10 cans of tomato product used in the sauce formula.  This would be a good starting point if you are looking for tips to perk up your pizza sauce.

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