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Point of Sale Systems, or POS Systems for short, are created to help keep track of everyday work flows and sales. POS System have come a long way in the last 5 years, and have moved dramatically away from the old legacy/traditional Systems. If you have a POS System or are thinking about getting one, we have compiled a list of the best POS features that you might not be able to live without.

POS Systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, but as of 2015 it was reported by PMQ magazine that only half of pizzeria’s in US use a POS System. They are computerized registers that simplify and maintain data on sales, labor, payroll, inventories, food/supply orders etc. Although POS Systems equate to a sizable cost, they have become a surprisingly simple tool that don’t require the technical skills needed in the past.

Data Sync: Being able to modify menu items, mark an item out of stock, or change the layout of the POS System during a dinner rush and have every device sync automatically letting your servers continue to work without skipping a beat is a must have feature. Production continues as efficiently as possible despite any hiccups that might occur.

Online Ordering/Delivery Dispatch GPS: For a pizzeria offering delivery, this feature is a very handy addition. POS Systems allow online delivery and automatically figure out the best route for single or multiple stops while keeping track of per stop, and per shift totals so drivers schedules can be quickly balanced.

Complete Data: Todays best POS Systems track everything happening in your restaurant/pizzeria in one easy place. From sales to inventory, staff efficiency to customer purchase history and menu trending, having more data easily available at your fingertips can provide insight you never thought to look for.

Customizable Creations: For pizzerias, building your own pizza is a popular restaurant choice, being able to add or subtract ingredients on the fly from an easily accessible button/folder, without having to input additional costs per item can speed up order taking and entry by up to 15%.

Caller ID & Loyalty Programs – Customer Database: A must have for all POS Systems is a caller ID that maps the name and number of the caller to the order the customer placed, while keeping track of order history and preferences. This service can be invaluable when tracking loyalty programs, or offering new promotions.

If you are thinking about changing your POS System, take your time and do your research. There are amazing Systems out there and the competition between providers is leading to large jumps in market technology. Ask your employees what they might want out of a system, and always be cautious of how many hours a provider has quoted for building your menu. 2-3 hours is generally not enough.  Ask for a max guarantee, and good luck!

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