Pizza Cheese 101

Mozzarella is the traditional cheese for pizza, and is favored all around the world.  The key advantage that mozzarella has in the pizza making process is its ability to carry the flavor of your ingredients.  The overall look, taste, and texture of mozzarella has come to be expected on pizza throughout the United States on traditional pizza.

To be called Mozzarella, cheese must adhere to the guidelines set by the federal government standard of identity.  The standard of identity for mozzarella dictates how much moisture and fat content the cheese must contain.  Whole milk mozzarella typically has more flavor than part skim as it has higher moisture and fat content.  The type of cheese you choose will depend on your customers’ preferences as well as your baking conditions.

In today’s technological age, manufacturers produce several variations of cheese that are extremely close in look, feel and taste to authentic mozzarella, but are not actually mozzarella; and most often referred to as Pizza Cheese.  These cheeses do not have to adhere to the standard of identity guidelines, and are often cheaper than true mozzarella because of various added ingredients (fillers).

To determine which cheese you are using, check the cheese label.  If it does not specifically say mozzarella, then it most likely isn’t.   Choosing between true mozzarella and pizza cheese is a personal preference and depends on cost, taste and cooking variations.  Remember, if you have questions about your cheese, or want to sample some new cheese, make sure to contact your Delco Foods Sales Representative.  They are cheese specialists and can help you determine which is the right product for you.

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