Operations – Twittering Your Business

Twitter call themselves the “microblogging service”.  Microblogging allows members to talk about anything they want in 140 characters or less.  People may post what they had for dinner or what movie they just watched.  So  how does this trend apply to your business?

 First  of all, it’s a great way to keep an eye on complaints.  If a person is dissatisfied with the service or the food they received  they may “talk” about you in Twitter without even bothering to call you.  This sort of bad press could catch like wild fire.  By setting up your own Twitter account you can search your business name on a regular basis and watch for any negative “press”. 

 Twitter can also be used to reach potential customers.  Begin by setting up a Twitter account under your business name and any possible variations to ensure that no one else claims it as their own.  Then you can begin to make your posts.  You could mention new specials or “tweet” about events you plan to sponsor.  Make sure you use your business name in everything you post so that people can easily find you. 

 Once you set up your account, be sure to add Delco Foods (delcofoods) to the accounts you follow to keep up on all of the latest from us.

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