Operations – Striving for Consistency

Consistent quality is a key priority for every single business around today.  The consistency of pizza at your shop should be no different than the consistency of any other product on the market.  You wouldn’t want there to be a difference between an iPhone sold at 7:30pm on a Friday and one sold at 2:30pm on a Wednesday.   Independent pizzerias in particular depend on repeat customers who in turn demand consistently high quality.

There are a few major items that will ensure the consistency of your pizza.  The most important are good staff on hand at all times and recipe proportions.  Having good staff on hand at all times is crucial to a consistent product.  Staff should make sure to stick to the correct proportions for each given recipe time after time.  If your restaurant is so busy that staff is not measuring ingredients, then hire more staff to relieve some of the stress.  To help with both the ease of pizza creation, and using the correct proportions, use simple measuring or portioning cups with tape on the outside to dictate how much product to use on each pie.

Another way to ensure consistency is to create a good system.  Have a system not only works when creating a product, but it makes sure every variable and function at your restaurant runs the same, every time, for every customer.  Have a system for seating guests, have a system for take-out orders, and have a system for putting water on the tables.  With a system in place, a restaurant can function as a well-oiled machine, churning through customers and getting satisfied results.  Have systems will also help your restaurant run smoother in your absence, or if you open additional locations.

Be consistent in your work, consistent om  your attitude and produce a consistent product and your business should increase consistently.

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