Operations – Must Have iPad Apps for Restaurant Owners

Although an iPad might seem like an extravagant toy or an added expense, when times are tight it can also be used as a powerful tool if used correctly.  More and more restaurant owners are realizing the power of the iPad, and have started to use them to make their operations more efficient.

Below are the 10 free apps we recommend for your business:

  1. Pulse News for iPad – This app lets you add all your favorite websites and blogs into one place and organize them into an interactive mosaic.
  2. HootSuite for Twitter – This app is an intergrated Facebook and Twitter update machine.  Use this tool to send Twitter messages about specials or new recipes to your followers.  Update your Facebook with new pricing, specials or eating challenges.  This app also lets you schedule updates which are handy for couponing and sales.
  3. Google Search – Google lets you search anything on the internet.  You can even search items by speaking to your phone and it includes Google’s office suite so that you can sync your calendar, view documents and look up maps.
  4. Evernote – Evernote helps you remember  everything that’s happening in your personal and business life.  This award-winning app lets you speak or upload notes and they are all searchable.  Use  this app whenever a new recipe idea strikes you.
  5. Microsoft OneNote – Similar to EverNote, this application captures your to-do’s on the go.  This app is compatible with all of the other Microsoft programs.
  6. Dropbox – This application is a cloud-based storage for your documents, and is accessible from anywhere.  Whether it is forms, contracts, orders, invoices – you name it – it can be stored on the dropbox.  You can also sync these items with items on your computer so you are never without your needed documents.
  7. Adobe Photoshop Express – This program lets you edit and share photos.  Make an excellent looking pizza, take a picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  8. Calculators for iPad – Calculators are a must for every restaurant.  Enough said.
  9. Popplet Lite – Popplet is a great app to create a visual representation of your ideas.  Create charts, illustrations, tables, and share them with your partners quickly and easily.
  10. Kindle – Do you read any industry-related material; magazines, books, newspapers?  They are usually available for the Kindle app.  The free App lets you subscribe to any newspaper or service that is available and is updated automatically.

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