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Kids and families have long been the mainstay of the pizza business.  But maybe we are missing a big target of customers.  As people age, concerns about cholesterol grow.  If you can meet their needs for low fat foods when dining out, you can gain a bigger share of a growing market.  When the right ingredients are used, pizza can play a beneficial role as a low fat food.

Operationally, you only need one or two low fat offerings on your menu and you will have most of the ingredients in your inventory already.  A simple sign in your window, a heart-healthy logo on your menu and a low fat “box” on your carryout and delivery menu is all you need in terms of marketing.  Customers with low fat preferences are looking for choices.  Financially, customers with these needs are accustomed to paying a little more.  Many older people have disposable income as many of their big lifetime expenses are behind them.

Finding a new target audience and satisfying a need with a unique offering all while making a little extra profit margin sounds like a real win.

For a delicious low fat recipe, see Ted’ Low Fat Classic in our Recipe section. 

Promoting pizza as a low fat, low cholesterol food choice is good for our industry and great for any customers looking for healthier alternatives.

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