Operations – Don’t Forget Your Employees

In England, the day after Christmas (known as Boxing Day) is a time for expressing appreciation to employees and others who provided services throughout the year.

It is a fact that sometimes in our busy, stressed and financially tight lives, we have forgotten to appreciate those who have helped us the most.  This is true for all people that we live and work with, our employees, managers, children, spouse, etc.  There is no denying that some restaurants are in tight financial times.  Rewards and personal recognition can provide an effective, low cost and fun way to encourage great performance.  Recognition satisfies the most basic desire to be noticed for a job well done.

Here are some effective, low cost, forms of recognition:

  • Name a new or rename an existing pizza after an employee like “The Lady Laura Pizza”
  • Give a sincere word of thanks at the right time
  • Offer a personal note about an employee’s good performance
  • Schedule a meeting in your office just to thank him/her
  • Make root beer floats or some other treat for the staff at the end of staff meal
  • Trade gift certificates with another restaurant
  • Do something fun with your employees
  • Have a holiday cookie/bake party during non-business hours

Remind yourself that business is supposed to be fun – have some fun and show gratitude to the people you live and work with.

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