Operations – Differentiating Your Pizza

Pizzeria owners are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Offering a variety of pizzas on your signature menu can help retain and boost business by encouraging guests to try higher priced pizzas.

Seasonal Offerings

With Seasonal Offerings you can transform a tried-and-true pizza into a new culinary hit.  Take your original recipe of tomatoes, basil, and garlic and add a bit of flare with yellow cluster tomatoes, oven-roasted garlic and bleu cheese crumbles.  Your original pizza might sell for $11.85, and the new one for $14.95; with an increase food cost of only 50 cents.  Try sourcing your ingredients from a  local farmers market to always get the freshest products.  And make sure to tell your customers you buy local ingredients for the added buzz.

Healthy Eating

Another point of differentiation is to add a healthy menu option.  Whole wheat, reduced calorie pizza is a good way to accomplish this.  Reduce the amount of cheese on the pie, use lean meats as toppings and lots of veggies, and your customers will go home satisfied.

 Add Some Zing to Your Crust

Adding a flavor profile to your crust can enhance the overall look and feel of a pizza.  Adding some flavor to your dough won’t add much in cost or preparation time, but could lead to additional sales.  Play around with different flavors and see which you prefer.  If you are making a thicker crust style pizza try buttering your crust and adding some sesame seeds for texture.  Try adding some garlic and herbs, or ranch dressing.

With an estimated 70,000 pizzerias in the U.S., any way to set yourself apart is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, and should be constantly monitored.  In order to stay ahead of your competition you should strive to consistently create new and daring recipes and flavors.  Ask your Delco Sales Representative for any new items or menu item assistance.

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