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More and more restaurant owners are reaching beyond their dining rooms to bring in business by catering and it has become a lucrative market for many restaurants. Catering large parties, such as office and holiday gatherings, and even wedding receptions are a great way to increase sales. Restaurants have all the necessary resources available (food, equipment and staff) and they have a built in catering clientele in their existing customer base. If done properly, catering can be one of the best ways to get word around about your establishment, earn higher profits, and enhance your image. Catering offers an opportunity to boost sales, attract extra business and expand word-of-mouth advertising.

Both on-site and offsite catering has become increasingly common. Restaurants with private dining rooms can increase sales by catering private parties and large functions such as holiday or birthday parties and business conferences. Some restaurants even rent out their entire establishment for large functions. Offsite catering is another area of the restaurant industry that continues to grow, and is a great way to increase your exposure outside your restaurants walls. People who have never visited your restaurant get the chance to try your food for the first time, be impressed, and become regulars.

Catering is usually an efficient revenue stream if priced correctly, since most restaurants and pizzerias have slower periods during the day when chefs and prep cooks can prepare party platters, etc. All you need to do is design an attractive catering menu that you can hand out to patrons or use table tents to promote your catering services.

The catering business is highly seasonal. People tend to celebrate and have parties during certain times of the year. Mid-November through December is one of the busiest times in the catering business as is the summer months with graduation parties. There’s also a slight increase toward the end of January for Super Bowl parties.

So create your catering menu and start securing catering commitments. Advertising, dependable catering service, and delicious food are a winning formula for catering success!

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