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Owning an independent pizzeria is one of the most rewarding businesses to be in, but it is also one of the most challenging.  Not only is an independent pizzeria operator constantly busy, but they are also constantly consumed with the business’ profitability.   Maintaining profitability is a restaurant’s chief concern.  Even in the worst of times, a restaurant must stay profitable, but throughout history, restaurants have found ways to thrive.  They became destinations.

Destination restaurants are not only the best pizzeria in town; they are talked about.  People want their friends to know they are going there.  They post status updates, take pictures, write tweets about it.  they make their friends jealous by going.  So how do you become a destination restaurant?

Be At the Top Of Your Game

In order to even be considered a destination, your restaurant needs to be at its best.  You need the best product, have the best service, have the cleanest environment, and the best staff.  If you are lacking in any of these categories, then you need to start making changes, which might include changing policies, hire or let go of staff, etc.  Being the boss is not an easy job and not everyone is always going to be happy, but sometimes decisions need to be made based on what is best for business.  And remember, that when you have the best product, you are free to set your price as high as the market can take.

Become An Expert

Once you are established as having consistent, quality products and services, you are now a credible source in your local area.  It is time to start marking your brand unique.  Start putting recipes in the local paper, sponsor sporting events, give donations, train locals, and accept field trips.  If you get involved in your local community people will start talking about your support and your pizzeria.  It will become the choice place for local community.

Be Famous For Something

Have something that no one else has.  Restaurants all around the country are doing it.  examples of this are a special dish made with truly unique ingredients, a food challenge or contest, one meal that everyone talks about.  Think of something that will get noticed by the travel or food channel.

Being an independent pizzeria is tough business, but the only way to compete is to be unique.  Be the one and only, and have the best.  Remember, if you are looking for help, consult with your Delco Foods Sales Representative.

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