Operations – Back To School Promotions

A recent study estimated that families will spend over $500 of additional disposable income in the weeks before school starts.  There is a rush to prepare children for school, families are busy settling back into a routine after vacations and camps are coming to a close.  Families in August are looking for an inexpensive kid-friendly meal that doesn’t take any time to prepare or clean up.  Try and capture some of those back-to-school dollars with a few of these ideas…

  • Offer a Back-To-School Special with a one or two topping pizza.  Hire someone to paint the special pizza and price on your window so patrons can see the deal from far away, or as they are driving past.  Even if they don’t stop right away, they will remember where to get a quick, tasty dinner.
  • Put an ad in  your local magazine as a great place to eat for youth sports teams.  Offer a bundle deal – 4 pizzas for the price of 3.
  • If you offer delivery, make a deal for free delivery for the month of August.  If you don’t want to offer free delivery, offer a free liter of Coke with every delivery made.

as with any specials or deals, ensure that your staff is well informed with the specials you have running as well as the dates.  Make sure the person who answers your phones begins with those specials.  You might also want to think about getting some additional delivery drivers for the weekends and evenings.  A littler preparation can go a long way to make sure the school rush goes smoothly.

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