Operations – Adding A Kids’ Corner

Kids can significantly influence the purchasing habits of adults, and will also routinely determine the duration of a restaurant stay. If kids are part of everyday restaurant traffic in your establishment, you might want to figure out some unique ways to ensure the child’s happiness and satisfaction while they are dining with you; and your first idea might not be what food you serve. In order to keep kids and adults happy, you might want to think about creating a kids corner?

 Child customers have a lot of influence in the choice of restaurant when a family goes out to eat, but most establishments will typically have a mix of adults with kids and those without. In order to keep all of your customers satisfied, a kids corner might be the right move for you. By placing a kids corner you create the calm atmosphere you need leaving guests without kids uninterrupted and free to enjoy their  evening in peace.  Those with kids will enjoy the reduced stress of having a safe place for the kids to play without being pressured to leave, which will increase average check size.

 Typical Benefits:

Parents are more relaxed and have more time to enjoy their meal

(Increase revenue + returning customers)

Kids are entertained, happy, and enjoy the experience (better environment for staff & patrons + kids want to return)

Child friendly image

Cheap extra marketing tool

If you are thinking of adding a kids corner to your restaurant, there are several things to think about before put any money down on the project. First, the location of your kids corner is crucial. You want the play area to be out of the way of major traffic areas, doors, server stations, and any important equipment. Use a space that isn’t a desired eating area, where any sound created is not amplified throughout the rest of the establishment. You might also want train your servers to seat people according to their demographic; those with children will sit closer to the kid’s corner than those without.

There are several different types of kids corners that you can create. You could create a mini-arcade, or a fun room for younger kids, or even a mix of the two.  The choice is yours. Plan to spend some time tracking the ages of kids that frequent your establishment and decide from there.  There are companies that design and install kids play corners, and a simple internet search will provide further information. If you need further information, please contact your Delco Sales Representative.

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