Olives – New Varieties to Love

Today there are more than 200 olive varieties, each with a unique application that can add flavor and appeal to any dish.  Following are some of the latest to join the Delco product catalog.  These olives are available in limited quantities.

Calabrese Olives are Italian olives packed in brine, sunflower oil and natural spices.  Red hot chili pepper and fennel seeds give these olives their sophisticated flavor and gorgeous presentation.    #330140   2/2 kg

Red Cerignola Olivesare among the largest olives in the world.  Cerignolas have a fruity, mild, clean taste, but their most impressive feature is their size and resulting meatiness.  Festive red in color, it is almost like biting into a plum.   #330226     4/2.5 kg

Castelvetrano Olives…With a distinct, bright green hue and a mild, buttery flavor, these olives appeal to a wide range of tastes.  Grown in Sicily and harvested young, they are known for their temperate saline quality and lack of bitterness.   #330200     2/10 kg

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