Mushrooms are a valuable health food – low in calories and high in vegetable proteins, iron, zinc, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They make great pizza toppers, are wonderful sautéed and taste great on a sandwich. But how do you keep the fresh variety from turning to mush and what makes a good canned mushroom? In the world of fresh mushrooms, Delco offers an excellent way to keep yours fresh by shipping fresh mushrooms in tubs. By shipping and storing this way, the mushrooms arrive in excellent condition and stay fresher longer than other methods. Prefer the canned variety? Look for domestic mushrooms that are processed from fresh mushrooms within a day or two of harvesting. The same growers year round ensures a consistent product. Imported mushrooms offer a small size and light color that will not darken when put in the oven. Bellissimo Imported Mushrooms deliver a consistent yield, which leads to consistent costing. Porcini mushrooms have a great deep flavor with a taste of nuts, excellent for any Italian dish. Delco offers a variety of mushroom products to meet your many needs.

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