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When ordering toppings for pizza, not many people consider seafood as an option, and if they do it is probably the salty taste of anchovies. But more and more seafood items are being used as pizza toppings around the world, adding flavor and variety to traditional menu offerings. Popular seafood toppings include mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, squid, crab and lobster. Because many pizzeria operators are unfamiliar with how to purchase, store and use seafood items effectively on their menus, they often avoid them all together. However, with so many seafood items available as options, pizzerias can expand their menu offerings while keeping seafood application and storage very simple and low cost.

Seafood generally has a much milder taste than most traditional pizza toppings. Cooking the seafood before placing it on the pizza in garlic, pepper or other spices can bring out natural flavors in seafood and enhance their taste on top of pizza.

Frozen seafood has some advantages over canned or fresh seafood because it is easier to store than fresh but retains the same flavors and character of fresh seafood. Frozen seafood should be thawed in a refrigerator for about 24 hours, and never left out at room temperature.

Seafood is a more expensive and more complicated topping to add to pizza, but can add variety and profits to your menu. Because of the increased time, effort and costs associated with using seafood, charging higher rates for pizzas containing these items is appropriate. Seafood can be a great way to expand your menu without significantly altering your operation. The great variety of seafood available and the different options for purchase can be a fit for any pizzeria and will be a great way to differentiate your business from the competition.

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