Dinner was delicious.  The service was prompt and friendly and the customers look satisfied as they get ready to leave your restaurant.  But do you really want the check to be last thing he sees before he grabs his coat and heads home?

While advertising to attract new customers is one of the most important things you can do to build your business and your reputation, but perhaps more important are the steps you take to keep the customers you already have.

Why not try a dessert mint as an easy and refreshing little extra?

Sweets after dinner have a long and interesting history.  It was France that introduced dessert as we know it today.  Before refrigeration, one was left with a rancid taste in his mouth after eating food that had gone bad.  Dessert was a way of ending the meal on a pleasant note, of masking the taste of rancid food with a sweet taste.

In modern times, we thankfully eat dessert as a treat, not a “chaser”.  Still, dessert mints are a tradition in the restaurant business.

A mint is just the thing after a meal rich with garlic and spices, or when a dinner needs a little digestive aid.

Mints are a refreshing way to acknowledge and cement your customers’ loyalty.  Between a penny and five cents per candy – they are an affordable way to do something nice for your customers.  After all, it is your customers who keep your lights on and the money coming in.  Mints are a simple and inexpensive way to say “thank you”.

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