Incredible Edible Garlic

Garlic is one of the staple ingredients in Italian cooking. It’s a versatile, highly flavorful spice that can add a great taste to many dishes. Garlic is one of the most widely used spices in the culinary world and its delicious flavor as well as its amazing medical properties has only added to its popularity. Increasingly, doctors and researchers the world over are confirming what the Chinese have known for 4000 years; garlic is an effective weapon against heart diseases, cholesterol and many forms of cancer. It helps protect plants and pets from fleas, is made into soaps and shampoos and amazingly it is also fat free! What other plant can lay claim to so many attributes?

Despite all of its amazing uses, garlic is still primarily a food ingredient. Garlic today can be bought in various forms. Some of the most common and popular of these forms are fresh, powdered and minced. One of the most popular of these is chopped or minced and packed in either water or oil. In this form garlic is very easy to measure out (1 teaspoon is equivalent to 1 fresh clove) and can be used straight from the jar. The minced garlic pieces are small enough to be used straight away in sauces, on garlic bread and on pizza, but maintain a very fresh taste.

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