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It has been said that you can hear a smile over the phone.  What percentage of your sales comes in over the phone?  The greater the percentage, the greater the need for providing great phone service and teaching phone service skills.  How have you defined “great phone service”?  What are the skills that you teach your people who answer your money-making phones?

Great service is a financial need for our organizations, and there is little room for poor service.  Poor service will cost us money and customers.  People remember when you have actually delivered great service, and that just might be a little more important than our great food, because service is generally so poor.  We must be clear in what we mean when we ask staff to give great service over the phone.  We also need tools for the staff.  One example is good and clear directions to your business that can be read over the phone.

Here is a short list of skills, tools, and standards for great service over the phone:

  • Be courteous
  • Go the extra mile
  • Be caring
  • Spend the time needed to listen
  • Give only accurate information
  • Use a happy tone of voice
  • Never make assumptions
  • Be sure you know what the customer is asking for
  • Ask for clarifications
  • Always read back orders
  • Double check orders
  • Know your menu
  • Use the customer’s name if it is known
  • Say please and thank you
  • Keep a smile on your face
  • Be honest
  • Let the caller know your name
  • Try to keep it fun

 At your service, with a big smile!

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