Doughs and Crusts

What’s a pizza without the crust? Today, pizza crusts are a $1.2 billion market, with the vast majority of it belonging to the scratch category. The remaining $190 million is split between Par-Baked, Sheeted and Dough Balls, respectively. Which option is best for you?

Making your crust from scratch allows creativity and the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, scaling, mixing and handling fresh dough can be time consuming and difficult to consistently execute on a daily basis. The main advantage of prepared dough and crusts is the elimination of the hassle and occasional mistakes that accompany dough making. It also reduces pizza preparation time, which in turn reduces your labor costs. If you decide that you would like to start with dough, but not mix it yourself, you have a few options:

Dough Balls: Dough balls offer maximum creativity and application flexibility without having to mix your own dough. You can roll them into any shape or thickness to create pizzas, calzones, strombolis, breadsticks, garlic bread and signature dishes.

Sheeted Dough: Prerounded dough that is easy to customize. It delivers the made-from-scratch taste without the hassle.

Sheeted Proofed Dough: Freezer-to-oven convenience in a raw dough product that is still versatile. There is virtually no preparation time required.

If you have a “no fuss” attitude, Par-Baked Crusts might be the option for you. With minimal preparation time required, par-baked are partially baked crusts that consistently yield delicious pizzas. This option is the ultimate in labor savings and convenience.

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