Dessert Items

There is no doubt that offering dessert items on an operator’s menu will generate more  revenue and a greater opportunity to capture “the sweet tooth” of the customers they service.  Offering dessert pizza as one of the dessert options will generate significant additional profits since the operator already has many of the ingredients to make this option: pizza crust at a minimum and some toppings like bacon and pineapple.  Offering dessert pizza made with Nutella is a super opportunity to offer a dessert option that is sharable with family and friends.  Having dessert pizza on a menu offers the operator’s customers a complete meal and a reason to come back for other occasions such as birthday parties, team events and extended family gatherings.  With every few additional ingredients needed the customer can have a great variety of dessert pizzas available for ordering.  Look for other dessert ideas:

#1003683        Nutella Hazelnut Spread       105.8 oz

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