Croissants – French Gourmet

Delco Foods is proud to welcome a new line of croissants and pastries unlike any other. French Gourmet shops the world to select the finest ingredients. Their flour is custom-blended and aged to create an ideal consistency and supreme quality. French Gourmet also uses custom butter. Through a contract with dairy farmers, stringent conditions are met to create a cream that exceeds U.S. and European standards, resulting in unsurpassed purity, sweetness, aroma and buttery flavor. All pastry fillings are made fresh in-house and have a pure, authentic taste rarely found today. Genuine flavors burst with every bite.

Since 1984, French Gourmet has succefully merged modern technology while continuing to honor the principles of the ancient art of dough making. Their portion controlled croissants and assorted pastries offer the ultimate quality while providing maximum convenience. Conceived to bake directly from freezer to oven, fresh and flaky pastries are ready in less than 15 minutes.

 Ask your Delco Sales Representative for more information about our new line of excellent pastries.


#1002140     Butter Croissant 3.5 oz     48 each

#1002142     Pain Au Chocolate Croissant 3.25 oz     85 each

#1002143     Butter Wheat Croissant 3.5 oz     48 each

#1002144     Butter Croissant 1.5 oz     140 each

#1002145     Cafe Pack Assorted Danishes     275 ea

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