Creating Authentic Pizza

By Tom Lehmann

Recently I went on a pizza sampling binge, visiting multiple pizzerias.  About half-way through my journey I came across a pizza that was remarkably fresher and far more flavorful than its run-of-the-mill competitors.  What had been done differently to produce such amazing taste?

What I discovered was that two commonly used herbs in preparation of pizza sauce were missing – oregano and sweet basil.  Instead, the pizzeria added a little roasted garlic to the dough skin before applying a light, delicious sauce.  The result?  The distinctive flavors of both the sauce and cheese came through without being obscured by the pungency of the herbs.

Now, I wouldn’t want to suggest that anyone pull the herbs out of their existing sauce, but it might make some sense to consider offering a more mildly flavored sauce as an option.  Or, in this particular case, eliminating a competing ingredient or two made for a very pleasant change – which just goes to show that sometimes less can actually be more.  So when it comes to making your sauce, dare to be different; it might make your pizza stand out from the rest!

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