Cheese Trouble-Shooting Guide

Problem:  Burning 

  • Too much top heat = Turn down top heat
  • Cheese too high in moisture = Cut up, leave at room temperature for 12 hours
  • Cheese too fresh = Cut up, leave at room temperature for 12 hours

Problem:  Will Not Shred (Soft)

  • Moisture too high = Cut up and refrigerate, use the next day
  • Product is warm = Freeze to grind, refrigerate
  • Cheese too aged

Problem:  Not Melting

  • Cheese is too fresh = Change to older code or Cut up and leave at room temperature for 24 hours

Problem:  Oiling Off

  • Cream content too high = Change to part skim cheese

Problem:  Drying Off (Looks Plastic)

  • Not enough cream content = Change to full cream cheese

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