Cheese Testing

Cheese can make pizza so many things.  Mozzarella and Provolone are used by more pizzarias and Italian restaurants than any other cheese.  Both cheeses give us a mild taste and a smooth texture on which we can build our tempting pizzas.  Just think of the endless varieties of pizza we can create with different cheeses, herbs, spices, sauces, meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

When asked to try a new brand of cheese, make a list of characteristics that are important:

  •  Melt
  • String
  • Consistency
  • Price
  • Taste (hot & cold)
  • Texture
  • Color 
  • Spread
  • Oiling

The best way to test a new mozzarella is to grate about one pound of  both the new and your current cheese.  Place some of each cheese on a separate piece and put both into a hot pizza oven.  After two or three minutes, open the oven door and watch the cheeses melt, brown, spread and oil.  When the two mozzarella samples are browned to the color you like, remove them from the oven.

With a fork, lift up a small amount of cheese from the center to check the length of the string.  Let the cheeses cool and taste again.  Taste a third time at room temperature.  How does it look after it’s cooled?

Next, make two pizzas – half with pizza sauce, half without sauce.  After baking, have your staff try two and give their opinion.

Finally, assess the price of the cheese.  If you like the new cheese, how does the cost differ from your current product?  If the price is more (more than 15 cents per pound) then the question is how much better do you like it?  Will customers enjoy it more and KNOW that you are making the BEST pizza for them?

The world needs more truly good pizzas.  Varieties of cheese help us to be creative.  Give your customers the best and they will be your best customers.  Contact your Delco Sales Representative to provide you with samples to best fit your desired taste and performance.

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