Cheese Blends

Cheese blends are an effective way to create your ultimate pizza cheese.  Approximately 40% of independent pizza restaurants use a cheese blend, and that number is on the rise due to the manufacturers’ ability to create certain small batches of blends.  A blended cheese is an easy way to create a flavor that is different than the competition.

There are two broad types of blends: i) a blend of two natural cheeses, and ii) a blend of natural cheese with a substitute cheese.  Given an operators oven configuration, and personal preference, different blends will yield different flavors, stretch, color and burn.  Most blends are made primarily of mozzarella cheese with one to three other cheeses added in smaller quantities to give their pizza some additional attributes.  For example, most pizzeria  owners like cheese with stretch, and an effective way to achieve stretchy cheese is to blend mozzarella with provolone.

Another rising trend among pizzerias has been to add sauceless pizza to the menu – often called “white pizza”.  Most preparations begin with spreading soft uncured cheese, such as ricotta, over dough and topping it with more cheeses.  Not using sauce can give you an opportunity to try more unusual cheese on your pizza.  Try some of these blends for a great white pizza:

Mozzarella – Romano – Parmesan

Mozzarella –Gorgonzola – Parmesan

Muenster – Brie – Blue

Brick – Smoked Gouda

Fontina – Gruyere

Also make sure to ask your Delco Sales Representative about custom cheese blends.  We process custom cheese blends at our facility daily – shredded, diced cut and sliced – without the additives that others use.

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