Why is calamari a good fit for your restaurant? Because fried calamari is considered a culinary treat in Italian restaurants. It’s a dish that is easy for your facility to prepare, but not something a typical American household would prepare in their own kitchen. A good fried calamari appetizer may help set you apart from the competition and keep your patrons coming back for more. What’s more – Delco Foods now has calamari products from Town Dock that are sure to set you far above the rest!

Why do top chefs and restaurant owners ask for Town Dock Calamari? It’s because their calamari delivers higher quality and more value than other brands. All of their calamari is fully cleaned during processing saving valuable labor for the chef. Chefs also rave about Town Dock’s excellent taste, tenderness and no waste. No waste means greater profitability and plate cost estimating. Plus, their breaded calamari rings are ready-to-go and taste incredible. Talk to your Delco Foods Representative about adding calamari to your menu today.

 #371054 Calamari Rings Green Label 10/2.5 lb

 #371056 Tubes & Tent. Squid Black Label 20/2.5 lb

#371057 Calamari Rings Breaded 2/6 lb

 #371058 Tubes & Tent. Squid Green Label 10/2.5 lb

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