Barista Syrups

Discover 1883 de Philibert Routin syrups.  This new line imported from France are the finest flavoring syrups available to the coffee industry with the most intense flavors on the market.  Made from the best ingredients including fruits, spices, plants and flowers, the 1883 syrups use natural flavors with no preservatives and water from the French Alps.  Routin’s pricing is also the most competitive on the market.  1883 presents its syrups in 1L bottles, which provide 33% more product compared to competitive brands.  Because of the intense flavor, customers use less product to enhance their drinks.  Talk to your Delco Sales Rep today about this amazing line and be sure to ask about our excellent selection of coffee and tea products.

#1002071 Lavender Syrup

#1002073 Chai Syrup

#1002074 Caramel Syrup

#1002075 Amaretto Syrup

#1002076 Lychee Syrup

#1002078 Elder Flower Syrup

#1002079 Rose Syrup

#1002080 Violet Syrup

#1002081 French Vanilla Syrup

#1002117 Hazelnut Syrup

#1002121 Butterscotch Syrup

#1002122 Mint Syrup

#1002123 Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

#1002124 Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup

#1002125 Sugar Free Caramel Syrup

#1002126 Mango Syrup

#1002128 Peach Syrup

#1002129 Raspberry Syrup

#1002195 Cherry Syrup

#1002212 Chocolate Syrup

#1002246 Pear Syrup

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