A pizza fundraiser can be rewarding and profitable.  Find out how the people of Delco Foods can help you meet your fundraising, goals with fresh, delicious pizzas. Ask a Delco associate for more information by calling 800.536.1234 or check out our Fundraising Packet for planning instructions, tips, sample forms, and a week-by-week guideline to help make your event a huge success.  Then let us know when you want to get started and we’ll make sure you have everything you need for a successful sale!


  1. Prepare a Calendar of Events – see our example in our Fundraising Packet
  2. Create a Customer Order Form – or use ours found in our Fundraising Packet
  3. Create a Pizza Sale Flyer/Letter – see our example letter in our Fundraising Packet
  4. Post a Production Sign Up Sheet to recruit volunteers to help assemble pizzas
  5. Create a Sales Meter Poster displaying your goal, and keep it up to date to measure your success
  6. Print Baking Instructions to place on each pizza box – see our sample in our Fundraising Packet
  7. Sell, Sell, Sell!
  8. Place your Product Order with Delco Foods – we’re happy to help you figure out what you need
  9. Send out Customer Pickup Reminders
  10. Make a plan to set up your Production Area
  11. Pick up your premium ingredients from Delco Foods
  12. Assemble the Pizzas and Deliver! – Stress the importance of cleanliness – make sure all volunteers wash their hands and follow proper sanitation procedures