Market Trends

Reducing Costs
Higher costs for restaurants have been affecting profitability this year. Many operators are reducing expenses by using less packaging and finding more efficient ways to us it.

Regional Menu Trends
Customers are shifting towards natural and regional flavors. An example of this would be the popularity of Nashville’s Hot Chicken. Consumers are branching out from the previous three years and demanding authentic flavors and options. According to the NRA, 84% of consumers said restaurant dining is a better use of their leisure time than cooking and cleaning up at home.

Plant Based Menu Trends
We cannot mention restaurant trends without calling out the continuous shift toward plant-based menu offerings. This can mean vegan cheese or alternative proteins as more people adapt to a flexitarian diet. Armed with this info, restaurants can make small tweaks to their menus, enticing customers to try new things while providing tried and true dishes that are the foundation for repeat business.


Gluten Free Vegan Crust with Pan – #1003681 – 10/7 oz

Dairy Free Shredded Mozzarella – #1004375 – 3/5 lb

Fully Cooked Plant Italian Sausage Crumble – #1006808 – 2/5 lb

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