It’s Time for Gelato!

When you have a dessert menu, you want to have that “wow factor.” You need to have items that will make people want to order dessert, no matter how full they are, and desserts that will make people want to come back to your restaurant.

Gelato is that “wow factor.”

The key is to find the right gelato supplier for restaurants who can help you. As you look at different types of wholesale gelato for restaurants, you’ll begin to see what your menu has been missing and what unique flavors you can offer.

While vanilla and chocolate are great, no one is going to remember you for those. But, they’ll remember a flavor like Old World Spumoni Gelato. The key is to give them flavors they won’t find elsewhere and flavors that aren’t found among your typical ice cream selections. Dare to be different. It will pay off in the end.

It’s no secret that gelato and ice cream are made differently. Gelato has less butterfat than ice cream and is made with less heavy cream. It’s also lower in fat and calories. This is a big selling point when it comes to desserts.

Gelato also has about 20% air versus ice cream which has about 50%. With less air and less fat, gelato comes out creamier or more flavorful than most traditional ice creams.


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Gelato, an Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar combined with high-end flavorings, is the perfect alternative to ice cream on a hot summer day.  Like high end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 35% air, resulting in an extremely flavorful product.  Gelato is stored at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream.  It melts in your mouth quickly which results in fuller flavor faster.

Good gelato is made with real fruit and does not have the appearance of artificial colors.  Some possible flavors include hazelnut, chocolate, fresh fruit and pistachio.  Milk-based gelato contains one-third the fat when compared to ice cream and less sugar.  When you replace the milk with water, you create sorbet.  Traditionally gelato hails from northern Italy, and sorbet from the warmer southern Italy.  According to some reports, Italy has over 35,000 gelato shops, or gelatorias, in a country the size of Arizona with a ratio of one shop to every 2,000 people!  While not to this caliber, gelato is gaining popularity in the United States, with gelato cafes sprouting up in many locations.  Delco Foods carries a number of  gelatos and sorbets to satisfy all your needs.