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Shrimp: What To Know

Wild vs. Farm Raised Wild Shrimp Over 2000 species of wild shrimp exist but only a few are marketed. Whites, Browns and Pinks are most recognizable. Relative to farm raised shrimp, wild caught shrimp; tend to run larger, have a firmer bite and more pronounced flavor and have harder more durable shell. Wild Shrimp Species …

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Managing Food Costs

If you are like many restaurants today, you are constantly looking for ways to lower food costs without consuming too much time or resources from operations already stretched thin. The practices below should be used (ideally together) to optimize various areas of operations for managing and improving food cost percentages.   Tracking Food Waste Track …

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Flour Facts

From a culinary sense, flour is a powder which can be made from many different cereal grains.  Wheat flour is the primary ingredient in pizza crust.  Wheat flour is produced from grinding the wheat berry (the seed) that is formed when a wheat plant is mature.  The type of wheat and the other ingredients determine …

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