Verizon Wireless Employee Discount

This is a reminder that Delco Foods has a business plan with Verizon Wireless.  What does this mean to you?  As a Delco Foods employee you are eligible for a 16% discount on plans of $34.99 and more.  You can shop for a new phone plan or simply register your existing account with your e-mail address.  Click on the SHOP NOW link below and shop for a new plan or follow the links to register your account.  Employees who do not have e-mail accounts can sign up by filling out a provided form.   Contact Theresa Wells at Ext. 211 if you have any questionsk.

Easy Ways to Shop:

Online: To activate new lines of service in a personal name, or register existing personal lines of service in the program, log on to and enter your Delco work e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail response with a link to shop for new lines of service and equipment or register existing lines of personal service.

Visit Verizon: Stop by one of the Verizon Wireless retail locations and take advantage of program discounts. Requires active proof of employment by DELCO PIZZA PRODUCTS OF IND (DELCO FOODS) and photo ID.