Introducing RISHI TEA at Delco Foods

Delco Foods is proud to announce our new tea vendor partnership with Rishi Tea & Botanicals! Rishi is an organic certified Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources around the world. Rishi will be a tremendous partner moving forward and an even greater asset to all our valued beverage customers!

Hot Teas listed below – Iced Teas also available!

Jade Cloud Item #421215 – 50 ct
Tender and sweet green tea nurtured by the clouds and mists of early spring.

Jasmine Item #421220 – 50 ct
Fresh green tea traditionally scented with enchanting jasmine blossoms.

Matcha Super Green Item #421225 – 50 ct
Our greenest green, with vibrantly fresh matcha and deeply sweet sencha.

Yuzu Peach Green Item #421230 – 50 ct
An anytime green tea boosted with juicy dried fruits and irresistible yuzu zest.

Earl Grey Item #421200 – 50 ct
Full-bodied and smooth with the enlivening floral character of a real bergamot citrus.

English Breakfast Item #421205 – 50 ct
Lively, robust red cup with a brisk flavor
and sweet caramel undertones.

Masala Chai Item #421210 – 50 ct
Strong, full-bodied black tea layered with deeply aromatic, traditional chai spices.

Blueberry Hibiscus Item #421235 – 50 ct
A vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.

Chamomile Medley Item #421240 – 50 ct
A calming herbal ensemble with hints of lemongrass and mint.

Peppermint Sage Item #421245 – 50 ct
An essential spa blend featuring a harmony of soothing mint with sage and lavendar.

Turmeric Ginger Item #421250 – 50 ct
A sunshine-hued blend of energetic and warming spices accented with sweet citrus.

Strawberry Tulsi Item #421255 – 50 ct
A delectable white tea blend of refreshing summer berries, rosehips and tulsi.